Smooth Running

Trackstar approved accessories help you to keep your system running as smoothly as possible as well as providing that extra bit of security to keep your car secure.

With Driver recognition tags, S7-S5 upgrade kits faraday pouches and more, our Trackstar accessories are a must have for any security savvy vehicle owner.

Replacement CAT5 / S5 Keyfob with Keyring

From January 2019 Thatcham rules no longer state that a CAT5 driver recognition tag has to be kept separate from the vehicles’ keys. 

This is due to the increase in keyless theft, of which over 80% of all vehicle thefts now are. 

If you have a CAT5 driver recognition tag, which doesn’t have a keyring, or a pre-2021 S5 which uses this same fob type, you can now purchase a replacement driver recognition tag case. 

Instructions on how to move the circuit board into your new fob are available. 

REplacement 2021+ Trackstar S5 Driver recognition tag

Please note, this product will ONLY work with Trackstar TN475 models. These models have only been installed since January 2021 – please contact us if you are unsure which system you have installed

The new TN475 Trackstar S5 system has a completely redesigned driver recognition tag. 

Taking its inspiration from our parent company, Teletrac Navman’s tear drop logo, the new TN475 S5 Driver Recognition Tag is stylish and unobtrusive. 

If your system was installed in 2021 or later but you have a black driver recognition tag, you can find out if you can use this tag by logging in to your MyTrackstar app and scrolling to the “account” section. If the tab saying “tags” can be pressed, taking you to a pair tag page you can use this tag.