Thatcham, Insurance and Police Approved

Our Tracking systems are recognised Europe-wide. With state of the art, constantly evolving technology, your vehicle is in the best hands when you trust Trackstar

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S7 - Effective and Robust

The Trackstar S7 is our entry level offering. 

With alerts for motion without ignition, tow away, power disconnection, geofence breach and signal jamming, the S7 is robust and effective. 

If you fall victim to a vehicle theft outside of the automatic alerts – by way of relay attack for example, simply call us on our emergency line which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, or report the theft through your MyTrackstar app.  With an average recovery time of less than 60 minutes, and as little as 6, you’re sure to not be without your vehicle for long! 


Suitable for vehicles with values up to around £50,000 the Trackstar S7 is the smart choice to make if you want extra protection for your vehicle

S5 - the Ultimate protection

The Trackstar S5 is the highest Thatcham category of vehicle tracker. 

Doing everything the S7 does, the S5 also incorporates “Driver Identification Tags” (DIDs).  With the DID attached to your keys, your Trackstar system will know when an authorised person is driving the vehicle.  If you fall victim to a relay or OBD2 attack, in which a thief ‘tricks’ your vehicle in to thinking a key is present, your Trackstar system will notify us as soon as the vehicle begins moving and we will alert you to your MyTrackstar app, with a phone call and even with an e-mail or text message. 

Due to the speed of response, anywhere across the world, the Trackstar S5 gives you the ultimate stolen vehicle tracking protection, with average recovery times below 30 minutes from notification of theft.