Trackstar S5 - Without Tracking Package

— If you do not already have a tracking package to transfer, you will need to purchase a system with a 1 or 3 year tracking package

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The Ultimate Stolen vehicle Tracker. The Thatcham approved S5 system from Trackstar gives you added peace of mind with the addition of driver recognition tags.

Driver recognition tags mean that your tracking system knows when an unauthorised person is driving your vehicle, giving you an almost immediate alert to your MyTrackstar™ app and telling our secure 24/7/365 secure operating centre to call you!

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—-To use this product you must already have a Trackstar Subscription to transfer. Please view the product with a 1 or 3 year tracking package if this isn’t the case—-

The Trackstar S5 (Formerly CAT5) is a Thatcham S5 approved Stolen Vehicle Tracking system incorporating Driver recognition through our brand new Trackstar Driver Recognition tags. 

Using the Driver Recognition tags, the Trackstar S5 system is able to recognise when an unauthorised person is driving the vehicle, immediately alerting our 24/7/365 emergency centre in the country from where the alert originated giving us the best possible advantage in recovering the vehicle.

With the new MyTrackstar app, you have even more control, allowing you to view your past journeys, manage your account, view your vehicle’s last location, stand down alarms, report theft, chat to us on Live chat, manage your renewal and more!


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